广州Ruby开发者小组 / The Guangzhou Ruby Group

Sept 19, 2012 - GZRUBY Pizza Party

Hello ruby friends! It’s time for us to get together again. We just realized it has been a year since our first ruby meetup, and we think its time to celebrate!

For meetup #8, we are having a pizza party! Come on, invite anyone who might be interested in ruby or web-development. We’ll have pizza and some beer. If you can bring a few drinks or other snaks, that will make the party better.

Rather than spend all our time talking about code, lets have some fun time with our community; get to know each other, and have a good time!

时间/When: September 19, 7:00 PM

地点/Where: Kudelabs 明月一路59号, 汉苑 西塔601

地铁/Metro: 五羊村A出口/Line 5 - Wu Yang Cun, Exit A


We look forward to seeing you there! If you have any topic ideas or plans, let us know on the mailing list.