广州Ruby开发者小组 / The Guangzhou Ruby Group

July 18 - Come to gzruby Meetup #7

Ruby粉丝们, 我们的派对时间又到了! 离上次派对已经2个月了, 你学到了什么新鲜有趣的东西吗? 你尝试了一些新的gems吗? 或者使用新的工具?

OK ruby fans, its that time again! Another 2 months have gone by…what have you learned? Did you try any new gems? Did you start using any new tools?

上次派对以后, Ruby可没闲得下来, 我们尝试了火爆的代码设计帖的内容, 1.8.7的终极版本(你升级到1.9.3了吗?) 和SQL为Rails v3.2.6注入的安全补丁

Since we met last, what’s been going on: we’ve got the epic comment thread about code design, we’ve got the final bug-fix release for 1.8.7 (Have you updated to 1.9.3 yet?), and we’ve got some SQL injection updates for Rails in v3.2.6.

让我们再次欢聚一堂, 为Ruby喝彩吧!

Lets get together and celebrate our ruby family!

时间/When: July 18, 7:30 PM

地点/Where: Kudelabs 明月一路59号, 汉苑 西塔601

地铁/Metro: 五羊村A出口/Line 5 - Wu Yang Cun, Exit A


We look forward to seeing you there! If you have any topic ideas or plans, let us know on the mailing list.