广州Ruby开发者小组 / The Guangzhou Ruby Group

Announcing gzruby

After witnessing the success of the GZ Tech Party events and filled with enthusiasm from the great Red Dot Ruby Conf, some of the ruby developers in Guangzhou decided it was time to start a ruby group for ourselves. A support group, if you will, for developers who have decided to branch out and work with what could still be considered an “alternative” language. The few, the proud, the willing!

Since our first meeting with over 20 attendees, gzruby has become a welcome event on the Guangzhou tech calendar. We host a variety of people, from die-hard ruby and rails hackers to students interested in new languages. We even have visitors from the Python and Android user groups at times. Mostly, its a chance for smart developers to get together, share war stories, and learn from each other.

There is a great well of talent here in Guangzhou, and the aim of gzruby is to provide a place for that talent to grow, to find colleagues, and to make GZ a better place to live and work for all of us.